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  • Shares: Every member is required to hold 700 shares (at P1.00 each) upon entry. The balance of share balance earns dividends each financial year. For further clarity refer to the Society’s Bye Laws page 10. Upon entry there is a Joining Fee of P100.00.


  • Savings:  As the society we encourage all our members to save for the future. Minimum savings is P200.00. A member is allowed to save any amount he/she wants as long as it does not affect their monthly finances in a negative way. Any member who wishes to deposit more to their account is allowed to do so at anytime. 


  • Personal Loan: The society’s credit value for this loan is based on how much the member has saved with the society. The loan is at a Ratio of 1:3. For further clarity refer to the Society’s Loan Policy. This loan is payable up to 72 months.


  • Short-term Loan: This loan is common known as an Emergency Loan by members. This loan starts from P1, 000.00 – P12, 000.00 only and it is payable within 12 months.


  • Funeral Scheme:  This policy was introduced by the Jwaneng Savings and Credit Cooperative Society to assist its members during the loss of their loved ones. It covers the death of any member who has joined the scheme, and of a member of an employee’s immediate family- i.e. spouse, legal children and legal parents. It lays down the extent of assistance that will be available to the member or surviving relatives and extended family.


There is a three months waiting period for all new members before a claim can be submitted from the first date of instalment.

Claims are processed within 24 hrs or less, and depending on the availability of signatories and all required documents.

And any member who will claim/produce forged documents to claim will be terminated from the whole activities of the society and legal action will be taken against such a member.

The following documents should be produced:

Certified and detailed death notification letter from the Chief Or Death certificate